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  1. An overhead photo of several pedestrian intersections with lots of people walking through the area.

    Dense crowds of pedestrians shift into surprisingly orderly lines. Math explains why

    New research into collective behavior adds to decades of study on the wisdom of crowds.

  2. An overhead photo of the many different and brightly colored homes all clustered together on a small island while surround by a green sea.

    How an Indigenous community in Panama is escaping rising seas

    The Indigenous Guna peoples' relocation from Panama could offer lessons for other communities threatened by climate change.

  3. A photo of Aaron Judge swinging at a baseball with spectators out of focus in the background.

    Baseball’s home run boom is due, in part, to climate change

    Higher air temperatures led to an average of 58 more home runs each MLB season from 2010 to 2019, a study shows.

  4. The Statue of Liberty up to its waist in water, under gray cloudy skies
    Science & Society

    Here are the Top 10 threats to the survival of civilization

    These aren’t just movie scenarios. From aliens and asteroids to pandemics, war and climate change, civilization as we know it is at risk.

  5. An astronaut in a space suit stands with their back to the camera and looks out at inflatable domes as part of a habitat on Mars.

    ‘Off-Earth’ asks how to build a better future in space

    As humans prepare to live in space someday, ethics should be as much of guide as science and technology, an astrophysicist argues in a new book.

  6. A group of people of various races and ethnicities crossing a street

    Why experts recommend ditching racial labels in genetic studies

    Racial labels don’t explain biological and genetic diversity but do cause stigma. They belong “in the dustbin of history,” a panel of experts says.

  7. A photo of the inside of the Super-Kamiokande neutrino observatory.
    Particle Physics

    ‘Ghost Particle’ chronicles the neutrino’s discovery and what’s left to learn

    Author James Riordon discusses his new book, why neutrinos are so important and how physicists are on the verge of making big discoveries about them.

  8. Claude Monet’s 1899 painting “Charing Cross Bridge”.

    Air pollution made an impression on Monet and other 19th century painters

    The impressionist painting style can be partly explained by the reality of rising air pollution from the industrial revolution, an analysis finds.

  9. An illustration of a shattered clock face with cogs, gears, bits of glass, and other parts scattered around.
    Health & Medicine

    Trauma distorts our sense of time and self. A new therapy might help

    The therapy has helped veterans struggling with mental illness imagine their future selves.